Littles Wishes Card – Birthday Wishes


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Little Wishes cards are not just your standard card, they come with a bit of magic inside. Each card comes with a flying wish paper where you write your wish on the flying wish paper, set it alight and watch your wish fly up into the air. Don’t just wish them the best, give them the best; with a wish

They are Irish designed, high quality cards with gold foil to give that extra special feel.

You have the option to hand write the card yourself or we can write the card for you and send it directly to your loved one.

**Please let us know what you want your handwritten message to say in the box. **

How to use the flying wish paper:

  • Take the strip from the card
  • Write your wish / intention
  • Open the strip so that it becomes a tube
  • Stand the tube on a fireproof dish/platform
  • Set the top of the tube on fire
  • Watch your wish magically take flight
  • Be sure to take a video of the magic and tag us in your posts

The flying wish paper is intended to be used indoors. Windy conditions outdoors will most likely knock over your wish paper.

The paper itself does not have any accelerants or propellants added to it.